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Studio Custom Drums

Studio Custom Drums


Our all new Barton Studio Custom kits is another result of our constant pursuit of the perfect sounding all around player kit merged with a flawless studio drum sound. The 100% thin, premium birch shells feature a 30° bearing edge, our classic bread and butter lugs, and come in 7 incredible vintage finishes.

The tone and flexibility of these drums is as remarkable as their vintage looks. While other birch “recording kits” can be quite costly, we at Barton, again put the drummer first.

There is simply no reason to overpay for amazing-looking and wonderful-sounding drums. We’ve said this now for 7 years and will keep saying it until everyone understands, buying a name is not always buying the best product.

Select Sizes12X7, 14X14, 20X14, 13X8, 16X14, 22X14
Choose ColorGrey Ripple, Black And Gold Pearl, Dark Blue Ripple, Gray Oyster, Mars Oyster, Sky Blue Pearl, White & Black Oyster, White Marine Pearl


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