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Barton Landrum Series



New for Spring 2024
The all new Barton Landrum Series Drums 

Classic, customizable, Handmade and affordable.

What’s new now.

Our new Landrum series drums take their cues from old, classic, beautiful drums, but we add the sonic perfection of modern manufacturing methods to make an utterly perfect, collectable drum kit.

Inspired by our love for the vintage drums we grew up playing, we recreated and updated a classic look, with a more reliable build and sound.

Rounder, stronger shells, made with 100% North American drum shell. Tom toms, floor toms and bass drums are 6-ply (6mm). Snare drums are 8-Ply (8mm).

Finishes are hand applied lacquer sparkles and satin finishes. Bearing edges are 45° inner edges, with a slightly rounded outer.

Newly design, mini-beavertail lugs, updated bass drum claws and rubber feet complete these incredible sounding, aesthetically superior, once in a lifetime drum kits.

While other companies may come close, they do so at a price that is 4-6 times greater what ours cost.

We do this for our fellow drummers. The others just want to stay, or get rich.

Toms are available in:

  • 10″
  • 12″
  • 13″
  • 14″

Floor toms are available in:

  • 14″
  • 16″
  • 18″

Bass drums are available in:

  • 18″
  • 20″
  • 22″

Snare drums are available in:

  • 14X5″
  • 14X6.5″
  • 14X8″

Check the drop down for available colors and sizes.


Drum TypeTom Tom | Floor Tom | Bass Drum | Snare Drum
Select Sizes10X6, 10X7, 10X8, 12X7, 12X8, 12X9, 13X10, 13X8, 13X9, 14X10, 14X14, 14X5, 14X6.5, 14X8, 14X9, 16X13, 16X14, 16X16, 18X10, 18X12, 18X14, 18X16, 20X10, 20X12, 20X14, 20X16, 22X10, 22X12, 22X14, 22X16, 22X18
Choose ColorBlue Sparkle, Gold Sparkle, Green Sparkle, Gold & Black Duco, Root Beer Sparkle, Rose Sparkle, Sky Blue Duco