The Barton Story

At Barton Drums, our mission is a simple one: Make the very best drums possible, at the best possible price.

Our world class, handcrafted drum kits transport you back to that “first time” you heard or played a truly perfect sounding drum set.

At Barton Drums we capture that “magic moment” tune it, and ship it to your door.

For a dedicated and passionate musician, owning a premium drum set shouldn’t be a luxury. We make it possible for every drummer to own the highest quality drums available.

With so many choices available today, we believe we’ve created the perfect combination of superior sound, looks and price.

Partnering only with reputable music stores and great drum shops allows us to pass great value onto to drummers.

Perfect tone and timeless good looks of Barton drums makes them a perfect fit for any style of music, for any drummer.

At Barton, We don’t “split hairs” on materials, quality or features in order to create a “new market”. We just make real, honest drums that you can keep for a lifetime.

We wanted to
build the perfect
set of drums—drums that we would
want to play.

stay tuned…