A: Yes, all of our drums and drum shells are made in the Barton factory using our manufacturing equipment.

A: Absolutely not. We source the very best woods from North America, Africa and Europe.

A: We are a fairly small company, but with tremendous capacity. Most companies making drums and drum shells have been in business for many many years and often are part of larger companies. When we started the Barton Drum Co., we did so with the full intent of providing premium drum shells at great prices. We did not “add drum shells” to an already large manufacturing operation.

A: Our factory is located in Asia. We source the very same hardwood as many of the leading drum manufacturers and we have designed and trained our factory workers in the very best techniques in drum making. Although our drums are imported, we own and operate the very factory where they are made. We strive to produce the very best drum shells available anywhere.

Many drum builders can confirm that they have experienced quality control issues—even from the best US made drum shells.  At Barton, we make our drum shells to outperform the competition both in quality, finish and sound.