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Barton Battle Bags

The All-new Barton "Battle Bag" Hardware Bag

The all new Barton Battle Bags are made for the drummer who wants a simpler "grab and go" solution for their hardware. 100% canvas body construction made in Barton's own unique style. These bags are sure to be a hit and make transporting your gear a snap. Priced lower than cheaper, typical bags, these are the sure winner in looks and strength.

Barton Battle Bags


BARTON BATTLE BAGS are the perfect solution for trouble free transport of your drum hardware—cymbal stands, hi-hat stand, stick bag, throne and pedal(s).

The smaller 32″ version is the perfect “grab and go” for your smaller, flat base, lightweight or single braced stand set-up.

The longer 48″ bag is more suitable for heavier, larger stands—or for transporting cymbal stands without collapsing them.

**Even better, buy two bags and split the load for easier carrying.**

The bags are made from industrial strength, heavy duty canvas and feature zip pockets, end snap pockets, shoulder strap and reinforced, rubberized bottoms.

They are beautiful, high quality and versatile.

Select Sizes32 X 16, 48 X 16
Choose ColorBrick Red, Dark Brown, Flint Gray


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