Barton Drums

Be the first audio god on the block to get their hands on these game changing drum mics, made by drummers for drummers.

We’re selling our first 50 kits at insane introductory prices!


Three years after creating the Barton Drum Company, and our revolutionary idea of bringing quality yet affordable drum kits to the market, we’re now doing the same thing for microphones. You read that right…microphones!

So, Why Microphones?

The simple answer is…because we can! And to be honest, becuase we should. Just like drums there is no reason in the world that professional sounding audio gear should only be accesible to the “Elit Few.” And by elite few, we mean anybody with a bank account fat enough to afford most professional audio capture devices. Barton microphones are built for pros and (like our drums) priced for the working musician.

The $599 vs. $1700 Test

We wanted to make sure that what we were saying about this new bunch of audio awesome was on the level. So, we grabbed our resident audio nerd and self-proclaimed drum god, then tasked him with creating an A/B test using a set of professional mics he had lying around, and the new Barton drum mic kit. So, here’s out it all breaksdown and a recording of the results.

  1. We did NOT Use Barton Drum. We use an average kit that was more common to the market.
  2. No Room Mic Was Used (for the most natural sound of the mics)
  3. No EQ Was Added Except for the Master Bus, cleaning up below 40hz, and above 16khz. A Limiter was added for loudness also on the master bus, but no actual compression was added to any element.
  4. Panning was done to BOTH Sets of Mics Exactly the Same, to achieve the best A & B test for comparison.

A) Barton “Nice” Price Point

Barton P7 Drum (7 Piece Mic Set) $599.00

Total Price $599.00 Plus Tax

B) Higher Price Point

Audix DP7 Drum Mic Set $999.00

Shure Beta 52 (Kick Mic) $189.00

Audio Technica AE5100 (Overheads) $279.00/ ea x2

Total Price $1,746.00 Plus Tax

As you can clearly hear, there is virtually no difference in quality between the two brands. Well, not $1,200 dollars worth of difference! Our new Barton Drum Microphones scream value and this was the test to prove it. Bottom line, you can’t go wrong with these mics, at this price.