New Classic Maple

100% North American Maple

Since the birth of the modern drum kit, drum makers have come to rely on North American Maple to create a perfect, all-around drum sound. At Barton Drums we have endeavored to build a shell with a perfectly balanced tone that is both practical and versatile. These unrivaled maple shells are made from 100% North American Maple—because it’s proven, all-around “great” drum sound.

Shells that are round, tight and flawlessly finished. Thicker Snare and bass drum shells provide an optimal snare drum and powerful bass drum sound.


Our New Classic Maple shells are made from 0.9mm plies andare available in the following layups:

  • Snare drums: 9 ply (8.1mm)
  • Tom toms: 7 ply (5.6mm)
  • Floor toms 7 ply (5.6mm)
  • Bass Drums 9 ply (8.1mm)
  • Hoops

Bop and Standard 22 sets consist of :

  • Snare drums: 9 ply (8 mm)
  • Tom toms: 5 ply (6 mm)
  • Floor toms 5 ply (6 mm)
  • Bass Drums 7 ply (8 mm)
  • 10 ply hoops

Our premium, custom painted shells are available in sparkle lacquer & satin finishes.
And of course, all Barton® shell sets come complete with a snare shell and bass drum hoops.


New Classic Maple


100% North American Maple Drum shells with a superior sparkle lacquer finish. Perfectly sized for today’s musical styles  and just the right thickness for enhanced tone, projection and resonance.

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(4) premium 100% North American Maple shells in Modern Classic Sizes: 8X12, 13X16, 18X22 & 6.5X14 (includes maple drum hoops).

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8 x 12, 13 x 16, 18 x 22, 6.5×14, Hoops

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