North American Maple

The Legendary Sound of Maple

Since the birth of the modern drum kit, drum makers have come to rely on maple to produce an "all-around", perfect drum sound. Our maple drums are made from 100% North American maple because of its versatility and time-tested sound qualities.


Barton “Standard” maple drums feature 7-ply tom (6mm) toms and floor toms and 7-ply (7.4mm) bass drums.

Choose any one of our hand painted satin, stain and sparkle lacquered finishes.

Additional features include:

  • 45° inner w/slightly rounded outer bearing edges
  • 16 lug (20″) bass drums & 20 lug (22″) bass drums
  • Vintage style “fold out” spurs
  • Premium quality die-cast and steel parts

Our premium, hand built drum kits are available in sparkle lacquer, stain & satin finishes.


North American Maple


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100% North American Maple Drum shells in satin, gloss or superior sparkle lacquer finishes. Perfectly sized shells for today’s (or yesterday’s) musical styles with just the right thickness for perfect tone and clarity of sound.

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Barton Standards are 100% North American maple and come in two classic size configurations:

  • 8X12, 14X14, 14X20
  • 9X13, 16X16, 14X22

Our maple drums feature the finest Sparkle, Satin, and Stain finishes available on a drum set.

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