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A favorite among European drummers.  Some say that Beech drums are “the best of both worlds”. We say, our “Beech Bombers” borrow that special  “swinging 60’s sound” made famous by the teardrop drums of the past and update it to give players a powerful and perfect mix of projection and warmth. Beech is an excellent choice for a versatile “go anywhere” drum kit.

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Beech has long been a favorite of European drum makers and players alike. Beech is a naturally beautiful wood with a slightly deeper grain than maple. Beech finishes incredibly and has a sound that is often described as having a “perfect tone”… Just ask anyone who has ever had the pleasure of owning a set of Beech drums.

Barton drums is one of the few makers of Beech sets in the world.

Our Beech drum kits are available in two size configurations:

  • 8X12, 14X14, 16X20 & 7X14
  • 9X13, 16X16, 18X22 & 7X14

Available colors are: Sky Blue Gloss and Orange Gloss lacquers

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