Pure Bubinga

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Pure Bubinga


Premium African Bubinga drums by Barton (shown in Mocha Fade).

Our Bubinga drums are rock solid and among the most compelling drums you’ll find anywhere. No other wood comes close to the explosive energy of Bubinga. Now you can have your very own.

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Our 100% premium African Bubinga drums have a sound all their own—one that is powerful, energized and explosive.

Unleash your full arsenal with the ultimate in thunderous sound. African Bubinga drums are an exclusive of Barton Drums.

Kits are sold in three configurations:

  • 8X12, 14X14, 16X16, 18X22 & 7X14
  • 8X12, 14X14, 16X20 & 7X14
  • 8X12, 9X13, 16X16, 18X22 & 7X14

Available Colors: Mocha Fade, Gloss Black, Sky Blue Satin

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