Drum Bags

“We use technology, efficiency and sensible practices to create high quality percussion products that must first meet the needs of the musician, before meeting our own needs.”
Todd LaBrie, Founder and President


Barton Drum Bags

Why we did it. Simply because we always felt drum bags were overpriced and unattractive. A lot of drummers don’t care that they have no real choice in the matter. We cared. So we made these awesome bags that do everything you need without breaking the bank. Our drum bags look better, feel better and they’re made by people who care about drummers. Metal zipper pulls, clasps and hardware doesn’t hurt either.

What’s different?

Looks and Cost.  Ours look better, and cost less.

But seriously, compared to most other products, drums are a relatively small market. Companies that are out for profit need to “get it while they can”. In this respect musicians are often taken advantage of. We don’t do that. We’re drummers first.

Barton Bags are available as single bags, or prepackaged sets.

  • 10X8 $34.99
  • 12X8 $36.99
  • 13X9 $36.99
  • 14X5 $39.99
  • 14X6.5 $39.99
  • 14X14 $48
  • 16X14 $52
  • 16X16 $56
  • 18X16 (fl.tom/bass drum) $65
  • 18X14 (bass drum) $65
  • 20X14 $69.99
  • 22X14 $79.99
  • 22X18 $83
  • 24X14 $89
  1. 12X8/14X14/20X14 $145
  2. 13X9/16X16/22X14 $159.99
  3. 12X8/14X14/18X14 $145
  4. 13X9/16X16/24X14 $169
  5. 13X9/16X16/18X16/24X14/14X6.5 $229
  6. 12X8/13X9/16X16/22X14 $179.99